Halo Infinite Fans Point Out 'Major Desync Problem', Developer Responds
Image: Timbouton on YouTube

Halo fans have alerted 343 Industries to a "major desync problem" in Halo Infinite, which has prompted a developer at the studio to respond and confirm that the team is looking into a way to fix the issue / glitch.

The problem was brought to light by YouTuber Timbouton (you can watch his video below), who put together a detailed video showing how it occurs. Essentially, by parking the Warthog against a tall wall, clambering it and re-entering the vehicle, the game gets confused and ends up allowing you to "bypass deathzones and explore out of bounds" as the server still thinks you're in a different location. Here's an example:

With almost 2000 comments and over 25,000 upvotes on Reddit, this thread ended up grabbing the attention of the team at 343 Industries. "Brian from the Sandbox team" acknowledged the problem, thanking fans for the "very thorough" video evidence and discussion, while also promising to look into it:

"I sent the 'How To' video over to the UCN (networking) Devs and we're having the Test team look into this internally. If we can repro the issue with our latest internal builds, we'll get a bug triaged for it and start doing a deeper dive on it.

Thank you for bringing it to our attention with such a detailed post. We hope you know we read as much as we can from you all, so being as detailed/specific as possible with feedback always helps!"

It could be a little while yet until this glitch ends up getting fixed, so don't be surprised if people end up abusing it for fun over the coming days and/or weeks, but hopefully 343 will be able to find a solution pretty soon.

Have you run into this problem with Halo Infinite? Let us know down in the comments below.

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