Forza Horizon 5 was one of Xbox's biggest releases last year, as Microsoft's Forza sub-series has really hit its stride. Just over half a year on since launch, the game has now seen over 20 million players blast around its open world rendition of Mexico.

The figure comes from the game's 'Hall of Fame' leaderboard, which when filtered globally, shows all Forza Horizon 5 players. That player count has just ticked over 20 million, which is a pretty staggering amount!

This does, of course, include Game Pass numbers and isn't indicative of sales figures. Still, it's an impressive number and shows that the Forza series is still as popular as ever.

Forza Horizon 5 (6)

Speaking of sales figures, Microsoft will no doubt be looking at leveraging this huge player base when it comes to Forza Horizon 5 DLC. An expansion pass for the game has been on sale since launch, for roughly $35, and we've not seen any expansion news just yet. The Xbox Games Showcase is right around the corner though, where we're expecting the first Forza Horizon 5 expansion to crop up.

Are you still cruising around in Forza Horizon 5? Waiting for DLC? Let us know down below.

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