DMC5 Special Edition

Capcom has revealed that Xbox Series X|S launch title, Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition, finally supports VRR! Even though the feature has been supported generally on Series X|S consoles since launch, the developer of DMC 5 seems to have gone back and added specific support for the game after Sony also enabled the feature on PS5.

This is welcome news all round, as DMC5 Special Edition has some wildly varying frame rates, especially in its high-performance, 120fps mode. That inconsistent frame rate should now feel much smoother with a VRR enabled TV / monitor.

VRR has become a pretty important feature this generation, as the new systems push 60fps+ gameplay for the first time in console gaming. It helped FromSoftware deliver a much smoother version of Elden Ring earlier this year, not to mention countless other titles that benefit from the feature.

If you're unaware of what the technology means, essentially, it helps smooth out inconsistent frame rates by matching a game's internal frame rate to the refresh rate of your display. Yeah, it's all a bit techy but put it this way, it makes games feel much smoother to play and (mostly) gets rid of that annoying jerkiness!

Have you been impressed by VRR on Xbox this generation? Let us know down below.