Xbox Team 'Aware' Of Request For Consoles To Remember Wi-Fi Setups

Xbox's current Wi-Fi setup is a bit, odd in some ways. While most users who stick on the same home network won't notice, those who frequently travel may have run into the issue that, basically, the system only remembers one Wi-Fi setup. But don't worry, Xbox is aware of the requests for this to change.

Xbox Tavern tweeted at Engineering Lead Eden Marie, asking why Xbox consoles can't store more than one Wi-Fi setting. Marie responded saying that while there's a reason the systems do this, the team is aware of requests for it to change.

Marie doesn't commit to this changing anytime soon, but the fact that Team Xbox is aware is surely a good thing. Hopefully, a fix comes soon for those who do move their Serie X or S console around frequently, such as xScreen users!

Have you run into this Wi-Fi issue on Xbox? Let us know if you'd like to see it sorted down below.