Xbox Cloud Gaming DLC

Xbox Cloud Gaming is becoming quite a big focus for Microsoft. Often, new Game Pass arrivals include cloud support, with touch controls also being added to new cloud gaming titles on mobile devices. However, did you know of this little bonus regarding cloud gaming DLC?

Xbox's Eden Marie has once again taken to Twitter with a little FYI for all of us using cloud gaming. Marie says that Xbox Cloud Gaming servers are already loaded with a game's DLC, so if you own it, it'll automatically be applied and playable. That's pretty neat!

Of course, you have to own and have said DLC tied to your account for it to show up, but this is a nice bonus indeed. It's yet another Xbox feature that just makes gaming on Microsoft's platform more seamless, much like smart delivery for next-gen titles.

If we were to push this one a little further, it'd be really cool to see more DLC included with Game Pass / Xbox Cloud Gaming additions. Sure, it's a bit of a pipe dream considering the game itself would already be included in the subscription price, but every now and then a big DLC drop would be a nice Xbox Game Pass perk. Here's hoping!

Would you like to see Xbox add DLC to Game Pass / Cloud titles? Let us know down below!