Hardspace Game Pass

It's another Game Pass drop day today, May 24th, with two games being added to the library. We kick things off with Floppy Knights, a turn-based deck-builder that's name relates to floppy disks, rather than some weird knights that have scurvy or something...

The other new addition is Hardspace: Shipbreaker, a PC-only title that's about living the life of a 'spaceship salvager'. An Xbox version is in the works, but for now, this is a PC-only Game Pass addition.

Here's a little more about today's new Xbox Game Pass titles:

Floppy Knights (Console, PC, Cloud)

Meet the Floppy Knights: tangible projections summoned from floppy disks! Tactics fuse with card game mechanics as Phoebe and Carlton, a brilliant young inventor & her robot-arm bestie, square off in turn-based battles. Select your Knights, hone your deck, and execute your strategy for victory!

Hardspace: Shipbreaker (PC)

We offer you the privilege of helping turn humanity’s past into its future by salvaging ships in zero-g. Each one is a puzzle, and how you solve it is up to you! Carve your way in, salvage everything, and maximize your profit.

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