Xbox Bethesda Showcase
Image: Klobrille on Twitter

Recently, a calendar invite on the official Xbox website seemingly revealed the upcoming Xbox & Bethesda Showcase would be around 90 minutes in length.

It appears that this might just be a placeholder though. While these showcases are "typically" around this time frame according to Xbox's Aaron Greenberg, he's now mentioned on social media how Xbox doesn't actually have a "final show run time" yet:

"We don’t have a final show run time yet. But yes typically we end up close to that 90 mins mark. Will keep folks posted as we get closer!"

As noted, an update about all of this will be shared in the near future. This event will take place on 12th June at 10am PT / 1pm EST / 6pm BST. And according to a recent rumour, "virtually every" Xbox studio has submitted content for the showcase.

What would you consider the ideal runtime for a show like this? Were you happy with the time of the previous Xbox showcase? Leave your thoughts down below.