Last week, YouTuber Modern Vintage Gamer decided to take a look at their prized Xbox 360 console collection, and there's some real beauties in here. From the Gears of War 3 Crimson Omen console to the Halo 4 Forerunner-themed system, we were quickly reminded at how good we had it when it came to limited edition 360s.

However, it also got us thinking about which once of these is our absolute favourite. From the six on show we've got to say, it's probably the Gears 3 one - just look at it! However, across all limited edition Xbox 360 consoles, the sleek brushed silver look of the Halo: Reach system might just be our very favourite.

Halo Reach Console (2)

We're curious though, which Xbox 360 console is your favourite? Vote in the poll and if your top pick is missing from MVG's selection, let us know in the comments!

Which Of These 360 Consoles Is Your Favourite?