Insurgency: Sandstorm has just received a new update across all available platforms, and it's quite a big one! 'Operation Glasshouse' delivers the new map 'Prison', along with two new shotguns, a bunch of new cosmetics and more.

Let's start with the new map, which is probably the meatiest portion of the Glasshouse update. Prison takes place in well, a prison, although it does include some of the building's exterior courtyards for what looks like a decent mix of indoor and outdoor fighting. Prison was actually created by the community, winning the game's latest community map contest. Congrats to whoever built it!

Insurgency's arsenal is expanding too, with the KS-23 and the KSG shotguns. Both of these are of the pump action variety (the best shotgun type, let's be honest), and they both support various attachment upgrades along with unique iron sights, nice.

Rounding out the free content is a bunch of cosmetic items for both the Insurgents and Security factions. They're themed around the map itself, with a captive vs. cop vibe, and the items make up a full gear set per faction.

Insurgency Outfits

There are also a selection of paid cosmetics too, if those are your thing, and they look suitably snazzier to match their real world cost. These cosmetics stretch to some new weapon skins as well, with two skins available across six different weapons per skin.

As per usual, expect a whole host of bug fixes and minor gameplay tweaks with Insurgency: Sandstorm update 1.12. If you're interested in those, the full patch notes are available via a blog post, alongside all the nitty gritty details on the new content.

Finally, Insurgency: Sandstorm is currently discounted on Xbox platforms if you're looking to pick it up! The base game is 33% off and we wholeheartedly recommend it, especially on Xbox Series X where it runs at a smooth 60fps.

How have you been getting on with Insurgency: Sandstorm? Let us know in the comments below.

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