In this writer's humble opinion, the best Xbox tennis game of all time is 2K's Top Spin 4 on the Xbox 360 (sorry Virtua Tennis fans, it's just how I feel!). Now, over a decade later, a rumour is suggesting 2K might bring the series back.

This comes courtesy of journalist Shepshal_Nick on the XboxEra podcast (who also talked about an apparent 'Gears Collection' on the same show), mentioning that 2K's Hangar 13 Czech team appears to be working on it:

"I don't want to get anyone too excited about this, because remember a lot of this stuff is never 100%, it's all rumours and mumblings and stuff that we hear... I'm hearing that we may be seeing a new Top Spin game. I think this would be Top Spin 5."

"So, yeah. At the moment the rumour is that Hangar 13's Czech team I think might be working on a Top Spin tennis game which we would most likely hear about next year."

In addition, it was also mentioned on the podcast that EA might be thinking of bringing back the old Grand Slam Tennis series, although Nick didn't seem quite as sure about this one, suggesting he needs to look into it more.

In the meantime, don't forget that we've got Matchpoint: Tennis Championships arriving day one on Xbox Game Pass this July, and here's hoping we can add Top Spin 5 to Xbox's lineup of tennis games in the not so distant future.

Excited about a potential new Top Spin? Would you rather it was Virtua Tennis? Tell us down below.