The Game Pass announcements are coming thick and fast today! The latest is for Matchpoint: Tennis Championships, which is a brand-new tennis game that will be launching with Game Pass on July 7th, 2022.

Matchpoint: Tennis Championships is described as a "modern take on tennis," prioritising tactical realism and "featuring a true-to-life on-court experience." It's being developed by Torus Games, known in recent years for the likes of the Praetorians HD Remaster and PAW Patrol: On A Roll, amongst other things.

It's fair to say we haven't seen many great tennis games over the past decade, but the reception to Matchpoint: Tennis Championships' free demo on Steam has been promising so far, so let's hope this one is a grand slam for the genre.

The season starts now – grab your racket and become the world’s next tennis champion! Your opponent is on the court and the crowd waits for a promising challenger for the grand finale… Are you ready for Matchpoint?

Matchpoint: Tennis Championships combines slick character animations, authentic ball physics and enhanced player control to replicate the realistic rhythm of the game - every swing and hit feeling unique and satisfying.

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