That Red Dead Redemption Collection 'Leak' Sure Looks Fishy

The big talking point on social media this afternoon has been the apparent existence of a Red Dead Redemption 'Outlaws Collection' for Xbox Series X and Xbox One, but we're sceptical about this one.

The image that is floating around the net shows an Amazon listing for the game, advertising it as featuring a "range of technical and visual enhancements", as well as an "expanded remake" of the original 2010 title.

Why do we think this might be fake? A few reasons. For one thing, there are some apparent errors in the text, and pricing is set at a comical $69.96, while the cover has some noticeable issues that suggest it's been Photoshopped.

Basically, then, don't get your hopes up for this one just yet. We're not saying it's definitely fake, as sometimes Amazon listings do have some curious quirks, but we'd be quite surprised if this one comes to fruition.

What about you? Do you think this is real or fake? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.