Random: Xbox Series X Owner Panics As Console 'Runs Out Of Memory'

Ever seen this error message crop up before? Over the weekend, a Reddit user by the name of Fenseven took to the platform to show off this unique problem on their Xbox Series X, where the console had seemingly run out of memory.

The error message reads like something you'd see on a Windows PC rather than a console, stating that you need to "make sure your video card has the minimum required memory," which obviously isn't negotiable on Xbox Series X:

As you can see, the game in question was the recently released space combat title Chorus, but we've also seen this message pop up with various other games in the past, such as Control, The Ascent and even Fortnite. In fact, the issue goes back to the Xbox One era, so it's nothing new, but we just don't see it all that often.

So, what's going on here? It's hard for us to say for sure, but it looks like some kind of bug with the latest build for Chorus (and those other games in the past) have caused it to try to allocate more memory than was available. It's been suggested that clearing the cache and/or restarting the console can sometimes help in certain situations.

It's a weird one without a doubt, but don't panic if you get it — you're not alone!

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