Xbox God Of War

Okay, so, we're very much in the age of the crossover in 2022. Every other week it feels like Fortnite brings something new to the table, not to mention countless other live service crossovers. However, this Halo meets God of War mashup is the one we want (and definitely need).

3D Artist Marcos RC has been inserting all sorts of weird gaming goodness into God of War's PC port recently, and one pits Master Chief as Kratos himself. Outlet Dexerto then shared the clip and, well, it's taken off.

As much as we begrudge those PlayStation folk sometimes (sorry, Push Square), we know a good game when we play one and 2018's God of War is, in our opinion, one of the finest games of the last generation. Even so, we'd love to mess about as Master Chief in that world because, why the hell not?!

We suppose anything is possible now that Halo and God of War exist on PC, but, we're console players at heart so we'll probably never play this. Ah well, maybe this crossover will happen officially one day!

Would you play through God of War as Xbox's own Master Chief? Let us know down below!