Update (Wed 25th May, 2022 19:30 BST): Today's the day! The Microsoft Flight Simulator Top Gun expansion is now available for free, promising to "push your piloting abilities to the limits and beyond!"

To access it, all you need to do is load up Microsoft Flight Simulator and search for the in-game marketplace, where the Top Gun expansion should be accessible to you for free. Simple as that!

"Develop the skills required and navigate complexities encountered by actual Top Gun pilots in authentic locations, including a carrier deck landing challenge, one of the most demanding operations in the world of military aviation. "

"The Top Gun: Maverick expansion also contains a Maverick Edition livery for the F/A-18E Super Hornet, Super Hornet training missions that will introduce you to radical flight maneuvers, five high-speed, low-level challenges through mountains and canyons, a never-before-unveiled hypersonic aircraft, and a mission to roar into the stratosphere."

Original story (Tue 10th May, 2022): If you've been wondering what happened to the Microsoft Flight Simulator free Top Gun expansion, it seems we've finally got an update.

After being delayed last year due to the movie being pushed back, it's now been confirmed 'The Top Gun: Maverick Experience' will arrive alongside Top Gun: Maverick's release later this month, on 25th May.

As promoted in the tweet above, there's even a promotional website where you're able to make your own call sign, by inputting a name and then taking a photo of yourself with a camera.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available on Windows 10 PC, Steam, Xbox Series X|S and can also be played on Xbox Game Pass. Once again, the Top Gun: Maverick expansion will be free, as long as you've got access to the game or the right Game Pass sub (depending on your platform).

The Top Gun: Maverick Experience is out 25th May and the new movie will debut in US cinemas on 27th May, and a little bit closer to the expansion release in certain other locations around the world.

Will you be taking to the skies later this month? Tell us down below.