Final Fantasy Xbox

It seems to be acquisition season right now in the gaming industry. Embracer Group, the huge Swedish firm who owns the likes of THQ Nordic, recently picked up Square Enix's Western studios, and now there's talk of WB Games being up for sale too. However, business regarding Square Enix might not be wrapped up just yet.

VentureBeat's Jeff Grubb has taken to the airwaves, as per usual, to chime in on the Square Enix deal. The journalist says that Square Enix now looks "far more streamlined for potential acquisition" and that said acquisition is "more likely today than yesterday".

However, Grubb himself seemingly doesn't want fans to get ahead of themselves. Grubb went on to say that he can't really report on acquisitions with any certainty, partly due to the legal implications involved. He also stresses that these sorts of deals change all the time.

As for who could potentially pick up the remains of Square Enix, it's tough to say. Grubb himself has said that Sony acquiring them was "the big rumour", but we also know Xbox is interested in expanding its presence in Japan. We'll have to wait and see what happens next with Square Enix, if anything at all.

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