Horror Shooter Scorn Is 'On Track' For Xbox Game Pass This October

After Bethesda shipped its major releases to 2023, fall 2022 is looking a bit bare on Xbox. However, one title that fascinates us every time we see it, is horror shooter Scorn. Thankfully, this one is still scheduled to launch in October, and a new development update has reinforced that.

The team says that recently, a lot of questions about release dates have been thrown at them. Rest assured though, Scorn is still on track for spooky season later this year.

"Over the last month, our 3D team has finalised creating all of the remaining static meshes, so production is progressing well. They aim to have everything completed in June. Animation and VFX are currently our biggest focus, and the teams are busy ironing out bugs and finalising everything.

We're full steam ahead for our release in October and excited to be able to show off more of the game soon."

That all sounds pretty promising, and we're hoping and praying this one doesn't slip to 2023. In the meantime, next month's Xbox & Bethesda Game Showcase sounds like a good place for more gameplay, don't you think?

Well, extended gameplay that is. The team continues to share short snippets of Scorn's world, and yeah, it looks as gross as ever.

Are you looking forward to Scorn on Xbox Game Pass later this year? Let us know down in the comments.

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