Image: Greedfall, Spiders Games

Despite developer Spiders Games being hard at work on next-gen RPG Steelrising, the team is returning to GreedFall in the near future. Publisher Nacon has revealed that GreedFall 2 is coming to console platforms in 2024.

Nacon CEO Alain Falc had this to say on the upcoming fantasy RPG:

We are very excited to reveal GreedFall 2 to everyone, the new game from Spiders. Many fans across the world were begging for this sequel, and we are delighted to be publishing this new game that these fans are sure to love. We also hope it will appeal to new players and all fans of roleplaying games, great stories, action, and fantasy.

We're not entirely sure how Spiders is balancing its work on Steelrising and GreedFall 2, but either way, the developer is keen to return to the GreedFall universe after the first game sold over two million copies, finding a solid fanbase along the way. Here's what founder and director of Spiders, Jehanne Rousseau, said on the sequel:

While we were working on Steelrising, our love of the GreedFall universe never faded, and so we are thrilled to be returning to it. In this new chapter, players will explore the old continent with its bigger and more diverse environments. They will meet new companions and new factions, and I hope they will have unforgettable adventures.

GreedFall 2 is set to be a prequel to the first game, with a focus on story and player choice, along with a "more tactical" combat system. Look out for it on Xbox Series X|S sometime in 2024.

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