Last summer, we got a first glimpse at gameplay for Steelrising, the next-gen-only RPG from the developer of Greedfall. Initially the team planned for a June 2022 launch, however, following a short delay, we now have a proper release date: September 8th.

Now that Spiders Games has nailed down the release date, they're ready to show some more gameplay. Courtesy of GameInformer, we've been treated to another five-minute clip of Steelrising in action, and it's shaping up pretty nicely.

There's clearly still work to be done — the framerate isn't looking too healthy — but hopefully that September launch gives the team the time it needs to polish things up. The world itself looks really interesting though, with its dark, Victorian vibe a huge presence throughout. Here's the setup for Steelrising:

As Paris burns and bleeds during the Revolution, you are Aegis, an automaton masterpiece made by Vaucanson, an engineer in the service of the Clockwork King. Make the most of your mechanical prowess to adapt Aegis to your style of play and become a fearsome warrior, a deadly dancer, or a virtuoso of elemental arts.

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