3875414 Gotham Knights

Warner Bros has announced that it has cancelled the planned Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of upcoming action adventure, Gotham Knights.

The surprise announcement was made alongside the release of a new gameplay video showing off some Nightwing and Red Hood footage (which you can check out below) and was kept pretty brief with the company saying simply that the move was made in order "to provide players with the best possible gameplay experience".

Gotham Knights was announced as a cross-platform game in August of 2020 and has already been delayed from its original release date, which had been set for last year. It seems the focus now is on utilising the full power of current-gen consoles to ensure the game is as slick and smooth as possible. This one will, no doubt, be a blow for last-gen fans who were looking forward to this latest Arkham adventure.

How do you feel about the decision to cancel last-gen versions of Gotham Knights? Let us know below!