The time has finally come! Epic Games has announced today that Fall Guys is coming to Xbox on June 21st, 2022, and better yet, it'll also be transitioning to a free-to-play title on the same day.

Fall Guys' launch on Xbox coincides with a new approach for the game, in which it'll be getting major updates to its progression systems, a new in-game currency called Show-Bucks, full cross-play and cross-progression across all platforms thanks to Epic Online Services, and the "most jam-packed and blunderful season yet".

That first season is called "Free For All", and is described as "a new season that sees our beloved beans arrive en masse to a giant arena to compete for ultimate glory in brand-new events and locations."

You'll be able to pay for a Season Pass with the new "Show-Bucks" currency if you want to, or you can just opt to play with the free progression path. If you've played Fall Guys on another platform before, you'll also be gifted with the Legacy Pack, which includes a bunch of "spangly" cosmetics and free access to the first Season Pass.

And that's not all! Xbox Game Pass members will be able to take advantage of some Fall Guys Perks for the first three months, and a map builder is also in development for the game, allowing you to (eventually) create your own levels.

Look out for Fall Guys on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S this June!

"With so many new players soon to be invited into the Blunderdome, our June launch will kick off with a brand new season to make it a proper welcoming celebration! Get ready to step into a giant arena to compete in the Free for All.

Alongside new levels, costumes and ever-evolving gameplay, cross-platform play and cross-progression means new challengers, new friends and new squadmates. Keep a lookout for a whole host of details as we get closer to June 21."

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