Fall Guys Is Getting A Custom Map Creator, And Here's An Early Look

We've been treated to the news today that Fall Guys is launching as a free-to-play game on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S this June, and it'll be including a whole bunch of great features at launch.

However, one feature that went under the radar as part of today's Big Announcement video was that custom maps are officially coming to Fall Guys in the near future as well, accessible as part of a map creator / builder tool.

You can check out a short tease of this in the video below:

It mentions in the video that the custom maps feature is "under construction", so we're not expecting it to be ready for the Xbox release of the game on June 21st, but nevertheless it should be a fantastic addition when it arrives.

From what we can gather based on the footage, you'll need to be able to complete your level in order to publish it online, after which time it'll presumably be accessible by friends and possibly even strangers, but no official details have been revealed about how it all works just yet.

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