Dying light

Dying Light developer Techland seems to have an odd relationship with the Xbox Series S. When the developer enabled FPS Boost for Dying Light, the Series S was left out, then it took them a short while to add such a mode to Dying Light 2. Now, the very same thing has happened with its full next-gen update for the first game!

Yup, back in March the team delivered its next-gen patch for Dying Light 1. Once again, any sort of high performance mode was missing for Xbox Series S, with 30fps being the top frame rate target. That's all changed now though, and a proper performance mode has been added. Hurrah!

In the new mode, the game runs at an odd but respectable 936p resolution. Even so, if you've been holding out for 60fps on Series S, now's a good time to jump back in! Techland has also detailed the rest of the patch notes in a recent blog post.

It's also an ideal time to give the game a go because the team has announced that a bunch of DLC is becoming free for base game owners. These DLC packs don't appear to showing up as free just yet, but Techland should address this shortly and make the packs free to download, which will be a nice bonus!

Have you been waiting for a 60fps mode to jump into Dying Light? Let us know in the comments!