We're hardly 18 months into this console generation and talk of mid-gen upgrades is already upon us. Last week, TV and electronics company TCL suggested that console upgrades could come as early as next year, via a company presentation. However, the folks at Digital Foundry have now sat down to discuss the topic on a recent podcast, and they've questioned the need for mid-gen upgrades within the next few years.

DF's Alex Battaglia had this to say on the topic:

I don't think we need them [new consoles] because there still is not a large enough install base for the currently released PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Supply constraints throughout the pandemic threw off the dissemination of these consoles so that they'd have wider base. They've been selling really well, but that doesn't mean they couldn't have a wider install base, which is what I think we need before we get into the 'pro console' territory.

Host Richard Leadbetter then handed the baton to John Linneman, who talked about why consoles like the Xbox One X appeared but that doesn't mean we'll see the same this generation.

I think the PS4 Pro / One X kind of worked for two reasons. Because, one, there was the rise of 4K displays which were becoming popular, that's not happening with 8K displays I think.

Secondly, at least especially from the Microsoft perspective, they knew the original Xbox One was largely underpowered and not well received. It was the first time that Xbox came out with a console that was, below par, in terms of capabilities. That's not okay for the Xbox brand, hence Xbox One X was designed, essentially solved that.

So yeah, the DF team don't think TCL's claims have that much viability in 2022, and new, more powerful machines look unlikely in the immediate future. We're inclined to agree, especially as Xbox Series X still feels like it has untapped potential 18 months after launch.

But what do you think? Would you like new consoles in 2023 or 2024? Let us know down below.

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