TCL Suggests New Xbox & PS5 Consoles Could Arrive In 2023/4

It's been suggested by the TV and electronics company TCL that new Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 "Pro" consoles could arrive as soon as 2023 or 2024, as mentioned recently at a presentation taking place in Poland.

Reported on by Polish website, the outlet has shared some photos from the event in question which shows TCL advising that the new consoles could potentially achieve resolutions of up to 8K at 60 or 120 frames per-second.

Now, before anyone gets all excited about this, it seems probable to us that TCL is just speculating here, and honestly the idea that "new" Xbox Series or PS5 consoles could achieve 8K resolution at 60 or 120 frames per-second in just a year or two's time seems highly unrealistic to us right now.

That's not to mention that the Xbox Series X and PS5 have been plagued with stock issues since they arrived, so the idea of replacing them imminently for upgraded models is something we can't see happening anytime soon.

When do you think we'll get "new" Xbox and PlayStation consoles? Tell us down below.