The Callisto Protocol

We've been keeping our eyes firmly locked on The Callisto Protocol since it was announced a few years back. We can't say its links to PUBG were ever that interesting, but anything horror from one of the Dead Space creators definitely has our attention.

Well, the game appears to be ditching its ties with PUBG anyway. The developer's founder, Glen Schofield, has taken to Twitter to reveal that the game now takes place in its own world, as opposed to being a part of the PUBG universe.

What this means for the game, ultimately, remains to be seen, but it should mean that the team is no longer shackled to any sort of pre-existing PUBG-related requirements. So, yeah, bring on the spooks!

We've not seen too much on the game so far, but earlier this week, a bunch of fresh screenshots were released and it's looking mighty fine, and horrific, and squelchy, and disgusting. Anyway, The Callisto Protocol still on track for 2022, where it's set to launch on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

How do you feel about this one ditching its ties to PUBG? Let us know down below!