Starfield Key Art

Starfield may have been delayed to 2023 recently, but that seemingly hasn't stopped the leaks. We've seen some screenshots appear before, including a set of five just last month, and now another one has cropped up, aiming to prove the game has... doors.

That's right, a Reddit user has dropped this image of Starfield, showing a sealed door. It's not exactly the most exciting screenshot you'll see, but hey, it's Starfield and we're desperate to see anything on the game at this point.

It's hard to tell, given the quality of the image, but this does appear to be early in development, given the lack of detailed texture work in the overall image. It certainly fits the Starfield theme from what we've seen so far though, so we're assuming it's legit.

Either way, we should see more directly from the team at Bethesda next month, during Xbox's Games Showcase. The event kicks off Sunday, June 12 at 10am PT / 1pm EST / 6pm BST.

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