Xbox One Handed Controller
Image: Akaki Kuumeri, YouTube

Xbox has done a lot for accessibility in recent years, especially in creating its Adaptive Controller, usable across a variety of systems and configurations. However, a YouTuber that goes by the name of Akaki Kuumeri has taken things into their own hands, modding a standard Xbox controller into something pretty special.

The YouTuber has essentially 3D-printed an attachment that makes the Xbox Series X|S controller work one-handed. It features a variety of legs, poles and rockers that enable one-handed users to fully control the game as normal. It's incredibly impressive stuff!

What's also impressive is that it doesn't alter the standard controller at all. The attachment simply clips into place, and can be removed for standard controller use at any given time.

Kuumeri has previously created PlayStation attachments of a similar nature, before moving onto the Xbox pad. The YouTuber is set to tackle Nintendo Switch next, potentially opening the door to controlling two Joy-Cons with one hand.

If you're interested in one of these yourself, or know someone who would be, the creator has provided a few options. The 3D-printer files are available online, and Kuumeri is even selling some of these pre-built, via their Etsy storefront.

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