Xbox Tops The UK Charts For Console And Accessory Sales In March 2022

Last week, we shared the report that the Xbox Series X and Series S had outsold the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch in March 2022 in the UK, and now we've got more insight on this courtesy of

The outlet says that over 112,000 consoles were sold in the UK in March, which was a rise of 21% over February, but console sales in 2022 are still down 46% overall due to stock issues. Xbox Series X and S sales were up a whopping 61% in March thanks to more Series X supplies, while PlayStation 5 sales were up 45% and Nintendo Switch sales actually dropped by 21%. Even so, the Switch was the second best-selling console of March.

As mentioned above, Xbox also had a lot of success in the accessories department, with the standard Carbon Black Wireless Controller being the most popular accessory of the month. The Robot White variant was in second place, the PS5 DualSense was in third, the PowerA Xbox Controller (Black) was fourth, and the Ear Force Recon 50X Headset from Turtle Beach was fifth. It's said that around 700,000 accessories were sold during the month.

And what about games? Well, Elden Ring was understandably the best-selling title of the month, Sony's Gran Turismo 7 was in second, and Grand Theft Auto V came in third. WWE 2K22 enjoyed a very good start as well (coming in fifth), with 41% of sales on Xbox consoles, while Tiny Tina's Wonderlands debuted in sixth and secured a 50/50 split in terms of sales between Xbox and PlayStation.

"Elden Ring was the No.1 game once again. This is mostly due to very strong digital sales. Gran Turismo 7 was the biggest physical game of the month. A big winner? WWE 2K22. Its first four week sales are up 164% compared with WWE 2K19."

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