Xbox Series X|S UK Sales Have Surpassed The Nintendo GameCube

This next generation of consoles has been defined by stock issues thus far, but even so, Microsoft has reportedly sold more Xbox Series X and S systems in the UK than Nintendo managed with the GameCube throughout its entire lifespan.

This is according to GamesIndustry's Chris Dring, who pointed out that the milestone occured a few months ago, while the PlayStation 5 is also now reportedly "bigger than the N64 in the UK".

Dring pointed this out while also stating that the Xbox Series X and S outsold both the PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch in the UK in March, citing an increase in Series X stock as the reason for coming out on top.

Sure, it's not that impressive to see the Series X and S overtaking GameCube on paper, but it's a great milestone after 18 months considering the circumstances, and it'll be interesting to see how high those sales figures go in the future.

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