Xbox Series X Internals

The Xbox Series X is a bit of a beast as it is, becoming Microsoft's most powerful console by a good margin at launch, back in 2020. Having said that, what if we said there's a Series X out there with over twice as much RAM? No, it's true!

YouTube channel Gamers Nexus recently tore down an Xbox Series X developer kit they'd got their hands on, showcasing some interesting results. Where the standard Series X has 16gb of RAM split into two segments (one 6gb segment is slower), this devkit features a massive 40gb of RAM. Oh, and it's all of the faster variety (560gb per second)!

The devkit — and the amount of RAM in there — is all for development purposes, but we're just imagining what kind of games could run on 40gb of unified memory. Seriously, the Series X has untapped potential at 16gb, imagine 40 paired with higher specs elsewhere!

The other major difference noted in the breakdown are the system's cooling methods. While they're in part different due to more powerful components, the biggest changes likely come down to the devkit's physical design. This system is shaped more like an Xbox One than a retail Series X, so its cooling design is closer to that of Microsoft's last gen Xbox design.

Project Scorpio
Image: Xbox One X chipset

While us normals wouldn't be able to make much use of this kind of devkit if we got our hands on one, a teardown like this is pretty cool to see. Xbox developers are getting some serious power to work with during the development phase, so, let's see what they actually create in the coming years!

What do you want to see developers take advantage of most for next-gen only games? Let us know below.

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