Phil Spencer Xbox Showcase

As if we needed any more hype for our first proper Xbox Games Showcase of the year, Phil Spencer is already at it. The Xbox Boss has provided his own personal thoughts on yesterday's Showcase announcement, and it's safe to say, he seems just as excited as us.

Phil says that as he and the team are preparing for the show, he feels like a "fan who has sneaked behind the stage", trying to catch a glimpse at what all the teams are creating. We're not jealous at all... honest.

In all seriousness though, E3 season has always been an exciting one in gaming. While the traditional event isn't really a thing anymore, it's great to see Xbox stick to that timeslot and bring us a proper press conference.

Let's hope the team can deliver in showing us what all these acquired studios are up to. Speaking of which, we reacted to yesterday's news asking you guys what your wildest predictions for the Showcase are, so if you haven't already, come tell us what you want to see shown!

Will Phil deliver the goods this year? Can it stack up to 2021's show? Let us know in the comments!