Sony Still Blocking Games From Xbox Users On NVIDIA GeForce Now

For those who aren't aware, NVIDIA's GeForce Now streaming service works with the Microsoft Edge browser on Xbox, allowing you to access over 1000 games via cloud streaming - and there's even a free "Basic" subscription offer.

However, those who hoped they might be able to play PC ports of PlayStation games on their Xbox got a rude awakening last year when Death Stranding was added to the service but wouldn't show up on the Xbox version of Microsoft Edge, and now the recent re-release of God of War is (unfortunately) doing exactly the same thing.

It's not exactly a surprise that Sony doesn't want Xbox users taking advantage of NVIDIA GeForce Now to play PlayStation games, but it's interesting to see that God of War has been deactivated on Xbox so quickly all the same.

Interestingly, there are still some current PlayStation exclusives like Kena: Bridge of Spirits that can be played on Xbox using GeForce Now, but in terms of most first-party Sony titles, don't expect to enjoy them this way anytime soon.

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