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Earlier this year, Xbox began to make some changes regarding digital purchases. Basically, a UK authority said it had "identified concerns" regarding auto-renewals on Xbox platforms, and the board reached out to Microsoft in an effort to see change. In return, the company advised it would "provide more transparent, upfront information to help customers understand their Xbox membership," such as more effectively contacting them prior to a subscription renewal.

Well, it seems those concerns weren't unique to Xbox.

A new report has spotted that both Sony and Nintendo have agreed to make similar changes to their subscription plans going forward. These changes follow another investigation by the UK authority, and both platform holders are tackling the issue slightly differently.

Sony will begin contacting long-term PS Plus customers who haven't used the service recently, reminding players of how to cancel active subs. If those users then take no action and continue to not use the service, Sony will stop charging them. Xbox committed to a similar change with their proposals earlier this year.

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For Nintendo, a simpler change has already been implemented. If you now purchase a Switch Online sub, auto-renewal will be off by default, and users will have to then choose to turn it on after subscribing. That's a welcome change!

All in all, these alterations are good for us as consumers. In the past, various store policies have been tough to follow — seemingly on purpose — and we're glad to see things become more transparent as digital becomes an even larger chunk of the gaming market.

Are these changes good news for you? Do you care enough to notice them? Let us know in the comments.