Microsoft Is Making Changes To Refunds And Auto-Renewals On Xbox

Have you ever been caught out by auto-renewing subscriptions on Xbox? We know the pain, sometimes things can be a little more complicated to cancel than they should be. Well, it looks like the UK's Competition and Markets Authority agrees, as it "identified concerns" relating to some Xbox policies.

As a result, the authority reached out to Microsoft, and the platform holder is now making changes to the way things work. A lot of these changes revolve around transparency, with Microsoft asked to be more upfront with information on auto-renewals, refunds and more.

Microsoft will now "provide more transparent, upfront information to help customers understand their Xbox membership". This info includes details on renewal dates, cost, and even how to claim a refund if you accidentally renew a membership.


There's more in here too, and again, it revolves around communication. Microsoft will also now contact users on 12-month renewals ahead of time, in case they want to cancel before renewal. This stretches to inactive users too, who will be reminded that they're still paying if they're not using certain services.

Finally, Microsoft will also communicate price hikes in advance, so that players have the time they need to decide on cancelling or renewing a sub.

This is all useful stuff, and we're always happy to see consumers get more protection when it comes to purchases. We've been caught out once or twice in the past, and subs like Xbox Live and Game Pass should be easy to cancel.

Here's what Michael Grenfell, Executive Director of Enforcement at the CMA had to say about it:

"Gamers need to be given clear and timely information to make informed choices when signing up for auto-renewing memberships and subscriptions. We are therefore pleased that Microsoft has given the CMA these formal undertakings to improve the fairness of their practices and protect consumers, and will be offering refunds to certain customers."

What do you think of the changes laid out by Microsoft? Let us know in the comments.