It's been a hot minute since Rocket League introduced us all to the glorious sport of car football (or Soccar as the devs like to call it) but things are really changing with this new mode. Rocket League's Knockout Bash game mode ditches the football and says 'go on then, destroy each other's cars instead!'

Set in a different sort of stadium with huge spiked towers rather than football nets, Knockout Bash looks like a real good time. In fact, it reminds us of Destruction Derby and Twisted Metal — or for you younger folk — Wreckfest and FlatOut.

The limited time mode also ditches teams and turns things into a free-for-all, which is probably for the best given the new objective. You'll only have 3 lives as well, and given the introduction of "Spikes" and a "Laser Grid", you'll want to be alert at all times.

Rocket League Car

To be honest, this sounds fantastic and we hope it remains beyond a limited time mode. It shows that Rocket League can grow into more than just 'car football' and it'll always be fun to just bash up other folk in vehicles won't it?

The Rocket League Knockout Bash event goes live April 27th, and remember, the game is now completely free-to-play on Xbox One and Series X|S.

Will you be giving this new mode a go like us? Let us know in the comments.