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Xbox Game Pass has become a cornerstone of the Xbox ecosystem, a real feather in the platform's cap. However, we can admit that it's not perfect, so, should Microsoft take a leaf out of Sony's book with a reported new feature coming to PlayStation?

That feature is a service-wide game trials system that is supposedly in the works for the upcoming PS Plus Premium. Apparently, it'll be put in place for all games priced $34 or higher, giving users a way to test games ahead of picking them up.

The report says that it'll focus on timed trials, and that those "trial versions must be at least two hours long". It also mentions that Sony seems to be open about swapping time trials to "custom game demos" if the developer sees fit, which we'd assume could work for shorter games that wouldn't benefit from a time trial system.

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This whole report got us thinking that maybe Xbox should implement something similar. The Game Pass library is brilliant and of course, you can test any of those games out with a simple download or cloud session. However, it'd be great if the service offered a trial system as another perk for subscribers, so we could test literally any Xbox Store title out for a limited time.

We understand that PS Plus Premium is more costly than Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate, at least monthly, but such a move could provide another opportunity for Xbox. They could swap out Games with Gold for said trial system. Sure, that'd mean we're losing a feature and Xbox would probably have to roll trials out to normal gold subscribers too, but it'd avoid the negative GWG press and could allow Xbox to keep its current subscription costs lower.

The whole concept also reminds us of the old Xbox Live Arcade system we had in the Xbox 360 days. Back then, all Arcade games had a 2-hour trial period and it provided a brilliant way to test games out before purchase. In all honesty, adding something similar seems a win-win for Xbox!

But, what do you think? Should Xbox bring back game trials/demos as a subscription perk? Vote in the poll and let us know!

Should Xbox Add Game Trials Or Demos To Game Pass?