Persona 5
Image: Atlus

Xbox and Windows PC already have a number of Persona games, so when are we getting the main course?

While there's still no announcement in sight, the official Windows Twitter account has been caught in the act discussing Persona 5, which is rather odd considering the game hasn't been made available on any Microsoft platforms.

Here's the full exchange with a Persona fan:

Windows @Windows Replying to @XeronTokyo - Hard to believe it's been almost six years since Persona 5 was released in the US! How many times have you played through it since then, counting Royal of course?

Honestly, this could mean absolutely nothing, but we must agree with many others how weird it kind of is to see an official Microsoft account discussing a game that's not available on any of its platforms. If this is a teaser of sorts, it wouldn't necessarily be the first time.

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