xbox controllers tea
Image: @POPeART_ on Twitter

The world of custom Xbox designs is vast, and there's some great stuff out there. One of the scene's most prominent designers, POPeART, often posts digital renders of some downright gorgeous Xbox controllers and err, yeah, these might be the best yet.

The creator has posted two tea-laden designs, one for Yorkshire Tea and one for PG Tips. If you're outside of the UK these might not be familiar but here, they're two iconic brands producing two of the region's most popular teas. Tetley Tea might even join the collection next!

Let's be honest here, contrary to Xbox legend Seamus Blackley's thoughts, Yorkshire tea is the clear winner, at least in the drink department. When it comes to the two designs, we honestly can't decide between the pair!

The two brands have taken notice of the designs, and it appears they've gone down well. PG Tips is now following the creator on Twitter, and Yorkshire Tea even responded with their thoughts on the Yorkie tea design. Lovely stuff.

What food/drink item would you like to see turned into a custom design? Let us know in the comments!