As Back 4 Blood hits its six-month anniversary, developer Turtle Rock Studios is delivering the game's first major expansion. The Tunnels of Terror add-on launches today, April 12th, and there's quite a bit to go at in here.

The big thing is a new feature dubbed 'Ridden Hives'. These new "PvE areas" are sort of like mini-dungeons, delivered as underground levels packed full of zombies... sorry, 'Ridden'. They're not on the same scale as a proper new PvE story act, but they look like substantial add-ons to the game's existing maps.


Also included in the expansion are two new playable characters, seven legendary weapons, 12 weapon skins, new cards and more. The expansion will launch alongside a new higher difficulty mode too, if for some reason you want to make things even more excruciating.

The expansion is a premium DLC pack, coming included in Back 4 Blood's annual pass. That pass will set you back $40/£35, or 10% less with a Game Pass subscription. What's cool though is that just one party member needs the DLC for all players to play, so if you hop on Back 4 Blood with mates, only one of you needs to buy the annual pass. That's a nice touch!

Back 4 Blood Tunnels of Terror launches today, April 12th, on Xbox Series X|S. Here's exactly when you can go hands on around the globe:

Tunnels Of Terror Launch Times

Will you be jumping back into Turtle Rock's L4D-inspired shooter with this DLC pack? Let us know below.

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