Back 4 Blood Update

Back 4 Blood was a pretty big deal when it launched on Game Pass back in October. We enjoyed our time with Left 4 Dead's spiritual successor, even if there were a few problems. One of those was overall balance, which the developer has continually tweaked since.

With the game's February updates comes a huge list of balance changes for Back 4 Blood, the biggest yet. There's tweaks to all sorts in here, including increased ammo counts, higher weapon damage levels, friendly fire adjustments and more.

Most weapons in the game have been changed, with a lot receiving damage buffs based on difficulty levels. Reload times have been adjusted too, along with fire rate changes.

Back4blood Patch

In terms of more general updates to Back 4 Blood, here's what sticks out the most. Friendly fire damage no longer increases at higher difficulty levels, players now earn supply points even when failing a run, and you can now whack the Breaker’s weak spots with melee weapons.

The full list of changes is available on the Back 4 Blood website. We've dropped off this once since launch, but we might have to get stuck in again after this latest patch, which is already live.

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