It's been a good week for Xbox Game Pass with the arrivals of Life is Strange: True Colors and Lost in Random (amongst others), and in regards to the former, it seems to be going down very well with Game Pass subscribers so far.

We've seen a lot of positivity around social media over the past couple of days about the game, with many people dipping into the series for the first time (don't worry, you don't need to play the first two to understand True Colors!).

"I tried True Colors on Xbox Game Pass and now I plan to buy the complete collection of the series. Better late than never I guess?"

"Alex Chen is legitimately one of my favourite video game characters, maybe favourite characters period."

"True Colors is really great, although I’m a little sad your choices don’t really matter that much. Still an amazing experience, especially when you’re just sitting down and listening to the music."

The critics generally also agreed that True Colors is a fantastic addition to the series in their reviews last year, with the game sporting a very impressive 84 rating for Xbox Series X and 81 rating for PlayStation 5 on Metacritic.

So, how are you finding it so far? Let us know what score you'd give the game so far in the poll below.

How Would You Grade Life Is Strange: True Colors So Far?