If you look back at the previous generation between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, arguably the most damaging moment for Microsoft was when PlayStation unveiled the "Used Game Instructional Video", showing how anyone could play used games on a PlayStation 4. In contrast, it had been suggested that Xbox One would be an always-online console that wouldn't allow used games, but that ultimately ended up not being the case.

The effects of the botched Xbox One launch are still being felt to this day, and the Used Game Instructional Video was a killer blow at the time, although former PlayStation boss Jack Tretton has stated it wasn't necessarily meant to be done at Microsoft's expense. Tretton had the following to say in an interview with Axios (thanks IGN):

"I have a lot of friends at Microsoft now and had a lot of friends then, and I wasn't necessarily looking to do it at their expense. I was just feeling really good about it."

The recent Xbox documentary, Power On: The Story Of Xbox, covered the Used Game Instructional Video and Microsoft's reaction to it at the time, with GM of Xbox Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg describing it as an example of "stuff [getting] really ugly".

In fact, the Xbox One's botched launch led to the Head of Xbox at the time, Don Mattrick, leaving the company and being replaced by Phil Spencer, and Mattrick has since revealed he didn't actually want to leave the position.

What do you make of Tretton's comments about the infamous PS4 video? Tell us down below.

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