Idris Elba Throws Shade At The Official Xbox Sonic Controllers

The internet kind of freaked out when Xbox unveiled the official Sonic promotional controllers to go alongside the new movie last month, and one of the stars of the film, Idris Elba, has been checking them out for himself.

IGN showed the Sonic and Knuckles versions of the controllers to Elba on the blue carpet recently, and although the outlet acknowledged that he "loved them," he also seemed to be surprised they were an official product from Xbox, revealing that he thought the team at IGN had just "cut some slippers and glued them" to the controller.

Dr Robotnik himself, Jim Carrey, also was presented with the two controllers on the blue carpet, but reportedly tried to keep himself well away from them at all times while also joking, "don't touch me with those!".

Even if you do want to get your hands on one of these, they're unfortunately not available to buy. Instead, they're being given away as part of two enter–to-win sweepstakes, and the entry date for those competitions has now passed.

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