Halo Infinite Season 2
Image: Xbox

Halo Infinite's second season will ramp up the "seasonal narrative" storytelling, and during 343's Livestream today, head of creative Joseph Staten provided a breakdown of the 'Lone Wolves' story:

"Who are Lone Wolves? They're Spartans who are operating deep behind enemy lines, far away from support lines... they inspire interesting what-if questions, what if we had two Spartans operating out in the field deep behind enemy lines and they found something, very very dangerous. And what if they brought that really dangerous thing back to the academy. Brought it back to this place of safety, like what is you as a player - how would you deal with that problem?"

"That's the idea, you got scavengers they're out in the wild, they find something interesting and dangerous what happens when they bring it back."

This included a "snippet" of the second season's opening cinematic. Click play/set stream to 1 hour and 38-minute mark:

Staten made the following comment once the trailer had been shown:

"We want to make sure all of you are at the heart of the story, driving events...If we kick off a crisis like this, we want players to be the solution to that crisis. So this cinematic will immediately roll into the first event of the season...no spoilers, where you as a player begin to work through this problem and by playing progress the story, and that in short is seasonal narrative."

Your own Spartan and its customisation will also feature in the real-time/in-engine cinematics, which is something Staten has always strived to do since the "early days" of Halo. And in this case, it's just another way of saying "this is you" at the heart of the multiplayer story.

Narrative content will also continue to grow as seasons roll on, although there's still a lot of work going on behind the scenes. Later on, in the same livestream there was a cinematic teaser that could very well be tied to Season 2's narrative content.

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