Halo Infinite 'Last Spartan Standing' Mode New Details Leak
Image: Xbox

It seems a Halo Infinite leak may have potentially shed some light on the new 'Last Spartan Standing' mode coming to Season 2.

According to Halo Infinite's custom game offline menu (as verified by GameSpot), this new mode has one 12 minute round, and the winner is the one with a score of 50. Here's a screenshot of the mode's current in-game description, courtesy of Delta_Hub on Twitter:

"Every spartan for themselves! Level-Up your loadout by earning Personal Score to be the last Spartan standing."

It seems this will also take place in the BTB mode, making it a battle royale style experience. Of course, Season 2 hasn't officially arrived yet, so nothing shown here has necessarily been finalised.

Season 2 of Halo Infinite multiplayer will arrive on 3rd May, and will feature new modes, maps, narrative content and more.

Is this the kind of last player standing mode you would be interested in playing in Halo Infinite? Tell us down below.

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