Sonic Origins 2

Earlier today, April 20th, Sega lifted the lid on Sonic Origins; a collection of remasters coming to modern platforms. While the concept will have gone down well with many, sadly, the execution from Sega hasn't been welcomed with such open arms.

And it all comes down to DLC. Sega has released a Ubisoft-esque chart to go with its base game announcement, breaking down all the versions and what each one has to offer. The additional paid tiers include modes, character animations, and more.

Well, it's safe to say this announcement... hasn't gone down well. Twitter is full of commentary on the move from Sega, questioning why such a confusing system has to exist in the first place. Here's a few examples:

We have to admit, we're not fans of this setup either. When a game needs a chart to break down its DLC offerings, something isn't quite right.

Let's see how Sega responds to the fan criticism. It's pretty hard to miss right now, so we'd expect to see them come out with some of statement on it shortly. Or not, and we'll have to pay up to play all of the content on offer.

What do you make of this? Does the DLC plan put you off buying the game at all? Let us know below.