Dying Light 2 Header

Dying Light 2 is supposedly getting at least five years' worth of updates after launch, and one of the first major ones is now coming next week. Developer Techland has revealed all the juicy details for its April 27th update.

The big standout feature in update 1.3.0 is New Game+, adding "30 new inhibitors" among a bunch of other additions. Chief among which is a new quest exclusive to the mode and an enemy scaling system which will match enemy difficulty to Aiden's player level, alongside new special encounters for those looking for an extra challenge.


The next big change is a field-of-view slider for console players, allowing for more on-screen action at any given time. Sadly, this FOV slider is only coming to Xbox Series X and PS5, so there's no option there for you Xbox Series S players. Well, at launch anyway, as Techland added a 60fps mode for the system shortly after launch.

Elsewhere, your typical selection of bug fixes will be tucked into this upcoming patch, with a particular focus on co-op play in update 1.3.0. One of those co-op fixes relates to more 'death loop' instances being fixed, which will hopefully make online play a little smoother for most.

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