343 Industries has finally detailed three new game modes coming with Halo Infinite Season 2, and it looks like we're in for a real treat. The classic King of the Hill mode returns, along with 'Land Grab' and our pick of the bunch: Last Spartan Standing.

Let's start there then, shall we? Last Spartan Standing is a free-for-all mode based on Big Team Battle maps, featuring 12 players total. Each player spawns in with a particular loadout, and five respawns each. The twist? Earning a kill upgrades your loadout to a more powerful weapon setup, just like 'Escalation Slayer' from previous titles or indeed 'Gun Game' from other shooters.

Halo Infinite Mode3

Land Grab is a spin on the Domination-style mode, where three neutral capture points are up for grabs. Each team will then race to capture the points, and once all three are no longer neutral, another three locations will pop up. Each capture earns your team a point, with the winning team being the first to reach 11 points.

Then, there's King of the Hill. Who can forget King of the Hill? This bona fide Halo classic returns in Season 2, although with a slight variance. Once one team fills the hill's capture bar, the location moves, sorta like Hardpoint from Call of Duty or Gears of War's King of the Hill mode.

Halo Infinite Mode2

All three of these sound like solid additions to Halo Infinite multiplayer for Season 2, and we can't wait to go hands on to be honest. We'll be straight into that Last Spartan Standing mode, see ya there?

What do you make of these new Halo Infinite modes? Let us know in the comments.

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