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  • News Axis Football 2021 Gets Incredible 97% Discount On The Xbox Store

    It's almost free!

    It's not uncommon for Xbox games to be reduced by 90% or even 95% on Xbox during the weekly sales (there are plenty of them in the Xbox Spring Sale 2022), but a random discount of 97% for a relatively new sports game? That's crazy. The game in question is Axis Football 2021, which has temporarily been reduced from £24.99 / $29.99...

  • News Xbox Giving Out 3 Free Months Of PC Game Pass To Certain Players

    New GP subscribers only though

    If you've yet to try PC Game Pass and you're looking for a good way to get started, Microsoft is currently giving away three months to anyone who played Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5 or Age of Empires IV before February 28th, 2022. There are some big catches though — firstly, the offer is for new subscribers to PC...

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  • Guide Best Xbox Game Pass Games (April 2022)

    List of the best 50+ Game Pass games to play in 2022

    What are the best games to play on Xbox Game Pass as of April 2022? If there's one standout reason to pick up an Xbox console these days it's very obviously Microsoft's phenomenal, almost slightly unbelievable, Xbox Game Pass service. With hundreds of games currently available, there's an...

  • News Kingdom Hearts 4 Announced By Square Enix, Here's A First Look

    Sora is back!

    During the Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary broadcast, Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts IV. No platforms or release dates have been revealed yet, but Xbox does have some history with this series. You can see the action, which is a combination of cinematics and gameplay, in the above video. It takes place around the 4-minute mark...

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